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These are the examples of  my workshops 'in person'. I love teaching how to make colourful and textured backgrounds and whimsical characters straight form fairyland! If you would like me to do a workshop in your location, please contact me at

Online workshops coming soon!   

In this magical workshop we will design approx 15 colourful art journal pages. Some of them will be made of layered fabric, old book pages, little paper pockets and paints. Other pages will be made using different mixed media supplies such as paints, inks, stamps, twine, lace and many more. We will also paint and decorate large paper clip to hold our journal. The last and cutest step will be to paint a mini fairy on one of the pages so you will add even more magic to your project:)  

This time I will invite you to my magical world of colour, mark making and Fairy character design. in the first part of the workshop, we will focus on creating very textured background. This is actually my favourite part of painting. We will create many layers with paint, papers, inks, stencils, stamps and crayons. When the background is rich in texture and colour, we will design the main Fairy Character which will naturally emerge from the background. I will teach you how to paint simple face future and create whimsical face. I will keep it simple and magical so no previous painting experience is required.  

To keep the bad dreams away, we will create fairy tale dream catcher which will create magical atmosphere in your bedroom. We will create a painting on fabric with many layers of paint, inks, vintage book pages and music sheets. Then we will paint a little fairy/angel/teddy to protect your good dreams. Our painting will be then framed with embroidery hoop and to add more visual interest, we will create beautiful tale made of fabric, lace and twine.

In this unique workshop we will work with watercolour paints on watercolour paper. Firstly we will practise how to work with watercolours  through fun activities , then we will learn how to pain whimsical face future using simple technique. To add a texture to our painting we will use many stamps to create different shapes of flowers and botanical elements for our girl's hair. By combining watercolour paints with collage elements and stamps, we will create fantastic fairy portrait.